We are a one-stop food company who specializes in providing superior quality Frozen Pork Half Head and various other pork cuts at an affordable price. The popularity of the pork half head has risen tremendously in the last couple of years. We strive to deliver newly slaughtered and frozen pork half head to the buyers across the globe.

Moreover, our frozen pork products also comprise hind feet short cut and long cut, femur bone, humerus bone that caters all your need to eat mouth-watering pork meat. All the products have been produced by using state of the art equipment and always stands high on the quality test. Our pork products are from top meat manufacturers only and available at competitive pricing. Place your order today!

W/o ears, tongue, brain, with jawls.
The weight of 1 half head is 2-2,5 kg.
Packed in cartons 10 kg fixed weight


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