Are you a chicken wing lover? At LO Group Srl, we offer the highest quality chicken prime wings for sale that are preserved and processed in a world’s best processing plants by the equipment that preserves it without degrading the nutrition component.

The taste and the tenderness of chicken wings at LO Group Srl is a promise we have been maintaining since years. Each bite of chicken prime wings for sale is full of nutrition and taste.
Freshly frozen wings packed the right way brings you a promise of nutrition in each bite. Working with the farms that only grow the chicken organically, we preserve the healthiest chickens for you in most nutrition retaining manner. With our chicken prime wings for sale you will enjoy nutrition as well as the tenderness. Available at any retail or wholesale near you makes it an even more right choice.



Type: Chicken
Product Type: Poultry
Style: Fresh and Frozen
Freezing Process: IQF
Part: Wing
Feature: Nature
Certification: HACCP
Packaging: Box
Grade: A-Grade
Shelf Life: 12 Months
Place of Origin: Brazil


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