A/B GRADE Organic Chicken Feet For Sale


The Organic Chicken feet for sale from LO Group Srl are not ready to be part of a flavorful broth but also adds vitamins, micro minerals, collagen, and calcium to your meal. If you require more nutrition than the daily food if offering, grab our bag of organic chicken feet for sale and prepare a nutritional rich broth. Cleaned, processed and preserve in the most appropriate manner, we ensure the preservation procedure causes minimum nutrition loss and the packaging ensures the retention of the nutrition.
High quality chicken feet that can be cooked easily is a bountiful of taste and health brought together by LO Group Srl in the most sustainable packaging.



Average weight 36-38 gr
broken- 4%
deep cut (check pics)-13%.

22t are packed in 10 kg cartons fix weight, 4t-15 kg cartons fix weight.


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