Offering the best quality 3 joint chicken wings preserved and processed in a world-class manner to protect the maximum nutrient component. This part of chicken is immensely liked by the chicken lovers for its taste and tenderness. At LO Group Srl we promise to retain the taste, nutrition and tenderness of the 3 Joint chicken Wings. Freshly frozen wings packed in the highest quality standards ensures you enjoy each bite of the chicken tender. Procuring the best chicken from highest quality poultry farms where the use of hormones and growth promoting drugs is highly abstained, LO Group Srl ensures you get hold of the most organic chicken preserved in the best way.

Whether you cook or barbeque these 3 joint chicken wings, the tenderness and freshness of the chicken can be felt in every bite. Enjoy your favorite nutritious bite of white meat supplied from LO Group Srl. Grab your bag from any wholesale or retail store near you.



Type: Chicken
Product Type: Poultry
Style: Fresh and Frozen
Part:  Wing
Packaging: Box
Grade:  A-Grade
Shelf Life:  24 Months
Weight (kg):  800-2200 Grams
Place of Origin: Brazil
Brand Name:  Chicken Wings


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