Frozen Pork Meat


European Classification System of Measuring Meat Quality

We are the first Brazilian food company who has successfully implemented the S.E.U.R.O.P system of pork classification. It is widely popular European classification system that aptly provides the accurate percentage of lean meat in the pork. Let’s decode the acronym S.E.U.R.O.P for the better understanding of classification system.

S – Superior (Lean meat 60% and more)
E- Excellent (Lean meat 55-59.9%)
U – Very good (Lean meat 50 – 54.9%)
R – Good (Lean meat 45- 49.9%)
O – Fair (Lean meat 40 to 44.9%)
P – Poor (Lean meat 40% or below)

Frozen Pork Meat Sale

S — 60% and more; E — 55-59.9%; U — 50-54.9%; R — 45-49.9%; O — 40-44.9%; P — 40% and less

Our main motto is to provide superior and excellent quality Frozen Pork Meat Sale and other by-products of pork meat.

LOgroup criteria for selecting animals for slaughter is quite transparent and highly effective. Animals must be free from any contagious and non-contagious diseases, well feed and maintained, fulfill sanitary norms, and healthy in appearance.

We have a reputation to maintain in the industry that’s why we buy the stocks from only authentic poultry farms. With the help of our special vehicles, we can transport the animals from farm to the pre-slaughter shop seamlessly.

Our range of meat products is second to none. Whether it is pork, beef, or eggs, we receive the massive orders from our clients on a frequent basis. A team of experienced butchers endowed with high-tech butchering equipment works round the clock to cater the need of quality meat. In addition to that, L0group also sell other parts of pork like liver, ear, lungs, kidneys, tail, and back fat.

The biggest advantage of choosing LOgroup is that we are competent enough to deliver enormous orders in no time. With our expeditious delivery services, we are becoming the leading distributor of beef and poultry products worldwide.

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